Turn back time?

As much as we want to turn back time, gone were those days when giving holiday cards is the bomb. Nowadays, everything is already extremely digital from letters, to greetings, to communicating with other people. Everything could be done now via electronic mails (e-mails) or through messaging applications. While this is more convenient – not to mention faster and instant (for those who forget a birthday or anniversary until the day itself, they can send it then and there and expect the recipient to receive it at the same moment), it still brings nostalgia to reminisce the days when the beauty of a greeting card is in.

This is what One Angel hopes to address. With us, there is no reason anymore to greet someone with a boring one-liner in an equally boring white paper because we provide the most creative electronic greeting cards for you. They come with different types of themes for different occasions. You can have it personalized with our designs, or make your own. The best things are there are also animated greeting cards available.

How fascinating it is to be greeted by a Santa singing a Christmas carol on a Christmas Eve? How about a bunch of puppies barking the tune of Happy Birthday on your natal day? Or an action figure greeting you the standard, “Happy Graduation,”“Bon Voyage,” or “Happy Thanksgiving,” whenever the occasion calls for it?

Aside from greetings, our e-cards could also be used as invitations if you have anything to celebrate. Invite people to your house blessing while showing them off the best portion of your home. Have a garage door maintained by the #1 Tucson garage door service to show off? Make it as inviting as possible by emphasizing its aesthetics and magnificence. You could even include there an inviting one-liner like, “Witness a garage door in Arizona like no other, Join me for my house blessing.”

What more is that all of these could be translated into many different languages depending on what you require. We understood the vast expanse of language, and we strive to deal with the need of our customers to have their greeting cards in whatever language they require for a more personalized effect that would impact more to the recipient.

Characters used for every greeting card could be changed too. It could be as simple as a plant, or furry animals. It could also range from many different characters found in your televisions that you idolize the most. If you want it to be your picture, or your family’s, that is possible too. Just email us your requirement and we’ll work around it. We could also use your own voice recording, if you prefer. Or a recorded personalized message too.

Our artists are skilled to make almost everything happen. You have nothing to worry about in terms of design, because we got you covered. After you try purchasing an e-card from us, we guarantee you that you’ll keep coming back for more. Probably you’ll even make it your signature greeting for your families, friends, and loved ones. Many even begin using our creations as a formal greeting of companies during special events such as holidays and birthdays for their customers and staff.

You can simply upload it like a GIF at your social media sites, and you’re done. Others use it as email content for a more direct approach. No matter, when you get our e-cards, your greetings will stand out and never be forgotten no matter the occasion.

Check out our designs today to order.