About Us

OneAngel.Net is a company built from the creative concept of Martin Kruffman. He is a known graphic and web designer under Silicon Valley who was previously employed under Microsoft.

Martin Kruffman at a young age already knew that his passion lies on drawing and designing. Everything about lines and shapes fascinate him. At a young age, he used to play with his basic knowledge in geometric shapes to create his own characters. When the computer and digital technology was developed later on, one of his primary goals included putting the characters he created via pencil in paper into something more dynamic. He succeeded, and together with his ingenuity and creativity, he became one of the most successful animators in the country.

Now, with the fast pace technology faced by the community at present, his mission is to help what is “traditional” to keep up with the present. This is via digitalizing. He claimed that by performing this transformation, the next generations wouldn’t miss out on what used to be. This improvement creates a whole new experience because while the use of greeting cards remains, only electronically, this could be received instantly and without hassle by the recipients wherever they are in the world.

Gone were those days where greeting cards and post cards are received after several weeks or months – some even getting misplaced along the way. Nowadays, with just a click of a finger, the recipient would already know how much he/she matters. And your efforts could instantly be reciprocated as well.

At present, Martin Kruffman, together with his team of digital experts, is still hands-on in meeting the demands of his customers. With combined efforts, they continue to make improvements in the electronic greeting card business.

For questions and clarifications, do not hesitate to email us at info@oneangel.com.